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UX250h AWD Configuration

I need to purchase an AWD to negotiate snowy/icy hills here in the Haliburton highlands in Ontario. My 2015 CT200 F Sport gets bogged down in icy hill climbs. How does the AWD performance compare to best in class AWD configurations? I’m familiar with the VW Haldex set-up. I’m concerned that the UX set-up won’t be robust enough for hilly, snowy terrain. I learned from my Lexus dealer that the AWD on the UX 250h is powered by the Hybrid battery. I was assured that the battery would always power the AWD even close to a depleted state. Is this true? I would certainly appreciate some technical feedback here. 😊
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To my knowledge the electric motor on the rear axel only shifts power distribution under certain circumstances. All wheel drive traction can only be used up to speeds of 44mph and would imagine its not much of a power draw.
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I often see people leave AWD to last but prioritize other features especially when good tires can help even more.
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Welcome to the forum, glad to hear you've taken an interest with the UX250h. There is no way that Lexus would design their AWD system to be reliant on a charged battery state. As Anson said, at lower speeds I doubt it would be all that taxing.
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Automakers that know what will result in a reliable system will move to including electric motors at each wheel.

Its already happening and creates a fail safe in a way. At least if one or more of those go we have others to depend on. So far it exists mainly in some supercars and hypercars.
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I agree 100% with crosscountry: good snow tires make more difference than type of AWD/4WD system. I do own a late model Subaru Forester (which I think has one of the better systems), as well as a UX250h. I live in the hills of central PA and experienced a couple of late-year snow storms. The UX, with stock all season tires, is shockingly good in the snow. My garage is at the end of an unpaved, hilly road, and it never faltered. Of course, it's far too early to ascertain durability, etc. By next winter we'll have snow tires. Really, I think the limiting factor is probably ground clearance.
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Sometimes its just a matter of not driving if you don't have to.

Back when I used to drive only RWD sports cars, when it got too bad, I simply stayed home.

The alternative was to rent an SUV with winter tires for the day
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