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Lexus UX vs. Buick Encore

Auto123 put together an interesting review where they compared the UX to the Buick Encore. I wouldn't have thought to put the two together for a review but according to their article it's closer than you think. Here's the link:

Advantage Buick Encore

In terms of styling, the Buick wins. This is one of the better selling points of this model. Buick also offers the choice of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while the latter is – still - not yet available in the Lexus. There is also a better multimedia environment in the Buick and a better cargo space. Another compelling selling point of course is the Encore’s more-affordable price.

Advantage Lexus UX

If you opt for the hybrid model, the fuel-consumption figures are very impressive, better in fact than anything else you’ll find in this category. We also give it the nod for the comfort of the seats. And in the long run, it's a safe bet that the UX’s resale value will be better; the reliability of Lexus vehicles is well-established while Buick still has a way to go in this area.


With regard to available equipment, the uninspired driving of both models and overall comfort, both models are very close to each other. Both have the same warranty coverage.


A difficult decision for the judges in this flyweight boxing match. The Buick Encore is cheaper and marginally more interesting to drive. The Lexus, meanwhile, is homelier (that big grille is a tough pill for some to swallow) and more expensive, but it’s more economical to drive in its hybrid iteration, and if you’re aiming for a purchase that offers a better deal over the longer term, that’s it. Which is the better choice boils down to what your priorities are.
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